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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Things our child won't do...

Things our child won't do that our "other" babies do....

  1. Our child won't chew through the wall or on the curtains when he's bored
  2. Our child won't take off every corner of every loose rug in the least not with his teeth
  3. Our child won't play in his water when he's thirsty...well maybe he will
  4. Our child won't wake us in the middle of night to play..okay he might
  5. Our child won't sleep right smack dab in the middle of us leaving absolutely no room on our King sized bed....I know he probably will
  6. Our child won't poke every boney appendage into my spine while I sleep then act mad if I try to move him...right?
  7. Our child won't give us sad puppy eyes every single time we eat something begging for a I can see this happening
  8. Our child won't whine every time we go out without him..creating serious guilt...aren't the grandparents supposed to stop this one?
  9. Our child won't leave his toy right in the middle of the floor so that when I get up half asleep in the middle of night I take a serious nose dive b/c I tripped over really I can prevent this one..
  10. Our child won't cause serious mind boggling stress every time I hear him cough or sneeze..okay so I'm fooling myself!!!
  11. Our child won't ignore me when I tell him to quiet down because Daddy's trying to sleep...please tell me he will listen!!!!
  12. Our child won't eat every firey hot pepper off the pepper plant...oh wait I did that or was it my sister as a child...okay so maybe he will
  13. Our child won't....really I have me...really....Our child won't be put in a cage when we leave the house!!!!!!! :0)

So I was trying to convice myself.....didn't work!!!!
But...he won't chew through the wall when he's bored, right?


island girl said...

lmao!! not seeing much of a difference between your future child and your current "babies"...and seriously...can't gaurantee the wall thing!! hehe!

malou said...

I really love these one, Ann. I don't know how it is to be a mom but I know for sure when I see it on my aunts the things you have mentioned it here that I have to smile coz' they do the exact thing forgive their children bcoz' will try these things!

Connie said...

Hah. Good one, Ann. Your curtains may take a beating. The wall...maybe the kiddo won't eat through it but count on some crayon work.

So glad to know your child will be living cage-free and blissful :0)

Sandra said...

Hahaha. This one was funny. Our child wont whine for a treat lol I know how all that goes. We have a furry baby too

Anonymous said...

LMAO Ann, this was great. I was telling myself today that McKenzie is not going to hit people, nope... already lost that battle today!! You are way too cute. This was an adorable post. I noticed you are still referring to your lil one as a boy. What did Island Jen predict???? I heard she's really good at this, LOL.

Connie said...

Mea culpa! I updated the post on my blog. I never saw your question as snipey...I made that clear for everyone who reads it.

Where's your email link, woman? ;0)

NikkiNix said...

You alllways make me laugh sweetie, and I can't wait for when the little one actually DOES one of these things - hee hee, the joys of motherhood, I cannot wait to hear :)

So, do YOU think he's born yet? What do you feel?

Kelly said...

HA! This is cute! I hope that he doesn't do those things, but I am certain that he will do most of them.

jeneflower said...

I am glad that you are so informed about the reality of kids.

Some people really think their kid will be different. It is always funny to see them be wrong.

Taking it all in good humor is the way to go.

Lucia, Adam, Noah and Camille said...

Very funny, Ann! Get ready for some fun adventures ahead:)