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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


When you work under my hubby, you just don't quit.

I am so proud of him. He was just recognized as the NFL retention leader and the SE region retention leader at work for their "No one Quits" competition. Now I'm not quite sure he knew he was competing, but whatever he did, it worked. No one quit under his supervision and apparently that's a big deal. They recognized him at their weekly supervisor meeting, had a lot of the big wigs there, presented him with two plaques, gave him some gift cards so he could get more clothes for work AND a PLAYSTATION 3. Now for those that aren't into gaming, that's a big deal. This is something he's wanted for a long time. I even thought about getting it for him for Christmas. But it's something like $600. And well, there are better things we could have spent that money on so he obviously didn't get one. He would eye one everytime we went to the store. But poor baby, he just wasn't getting one. Then the other night he called me from work...he has NEVER called me from work. I answered the phone "what's wrong"...then he tells me he won a PLAYSTATION 3. LUCKY DOG. He just hooked it up today and well needless to say he didn't get much sleep. It's like Christmas to him right now. It's like he won the lottery. Now seriously...I know it's a video game system. But he's a guy and this is so major. Maybe it's a sign that our luck is a changing!!


eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Congratulations to Jon!
I bet you get hooked as well.

I hope your luck is changing that would be really lovely.

C.J. said...


Good news is ALWAYS good news - gotta love that :0)

Sherry said...

Doesnt good luck come in 3's or something like that?? LOL! Congrats on the new addition (Playstation 3)! My husband is so envious right now:)

jeneflower said...

Congrats! A new video game system would is a big deal in this house. I got that xbox to exercise and I gained sudden popularity with my kids.

Glad he has something to help pass the adoption wait time!

TaiwanMommy said...

Annie- before I was pregnant, I had a dream, in it, Kev and I were sittiing in a car, and a little girl appeared by my window. I rolled it down and she said "Hi! I'm Kyra Grace!" and that's how she got her name. REally.
Maybe YOUR Gracie is trying to tell you something!! :)

Love and smooches!

malou said...

Yay, jon! I know what you mean about the Playstation 3 coz' my DH would freak out if he wins something like that and would play it whole night long! I hear ya' sista!

Tammy said...

Congrats, Jon. Troy is big into gaming so he would totally understand your excitement.