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Friday, August 01, 2008

The Daily Digest

She gets cuter everyday. I think we're going to try the carrier again. We'll see how that goes.

I cropped this picture b/c I had on Jon's shorts. Claire had spit up on my pants, but I didn't think it was a big deal. That is until I noticed this foul upchuck smell coming from who!! How could I smell like that..well Claire didn't just spit up on me, she vomitted on me and I didn't really notice it until I noticed the smell....yuk!! But of course who could be upset when you look into those sweet eyes.

This is our little sweetie who is mesmerized by the TV. Yup, she's our kid.

We are so ready to come home. If I haven't mentioned it yet(I know I have) we miss our dogs terribly...and yes our families too. But we know that the family understands what's going on, the puppies do not.

We're figuring out the feeding thing. We also figured out that if she's in a highchair, she thinks she should be eating.....the entire time. She will whine and whine until you continue to shovel food in her mouth. So we have to get her out of the highchair and then alls good.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Ann!! So happy to see you with your daughter in your arms. My little daughter is sitting here on my lap looking at the pictures of Claire, laughing and jumping and crying out: Baby, baby.
Claire is so cute!
Michaela (from Germany, member of the Cathwel adoption group)

Tisra said...

Gorgeous shots of you! And, while I know you really want to go home, I think this will be an amazing thing to tell Claire of some day- that you were able to really soak in her birth country and be there long enough to get a good sense of what its like. She is looking so much more engaged in these pictures... I'm so thrilled you're bonding and figuring her out (likes, dislikes, quirks). By the time you get home with her, you'll have had so much attachment time that you'll truly be able to tell your families *who* she is and what she's like!

redmaryjanes said...

She's just so cute! Just wait Mom, you will get thrown up several more times and I can guarantee that a few more body fluids will find their way onto your clothes.
A big hint, always check your back after you burp here. : )

Judy said...

I love your pics! What an amazing time for the three of you. Nothing like the comforts of home to get your routine going. Here's to a speedy trip back home. Claire looks so happy, healthy and beautiful! Congrats again!

Judy said...
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Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

awww what wonderful pictures! How old is Claire? I can't remember! She looks very healthy and beautiful eyes!!!! :) Have fun and thanks for updates :)

Noah's Mommy

Anonymous said...

She beautiful, just like you her mama..I am so happy for the both of you.
I can't imagine being gone from home so long. I bet your hubby is going stir crazy in that room.
I think you are going to love being back home with your baby in your own place like home.
How is food there? What do you mostly eat?

Sarah k said...

She thinks she needs to keep eating constantly while in High that is too funny. At least she has good logic!
What a sweet baby! Hope you get to come home soon!

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

Hahaha! I completely KNOW the upchuck smell! You will become this master of smells now and start smelling everything... it totally happens. Hope you'll be home soon. Miss Claire Bear looks very happy and that pink stroller is adorable. =0) Sara

Susan said...

Ann - Hi! It is Sunday morning and this is Susan and Vince and we are here in Taipei - we are taking the train to Tianan this afternoon. We wondered if you wanted to get together when we get back - maybe on Tuesday evening? We have our AIT appt Tues morning. I know you are at the Westin and we are at the Howard Plaza - so we could give you a call on Monday or Tuesday to see if Tues evening would work. We fly out Wed evening. Claire is so cute - we are counting the hours to Katie! Susan and Vince

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures of your family. And yes, she does get cuter by the minute. I think it is because she is getting more and more comfortable with you guys. And melting into your family.

PIPO said...

Love those can see the 'ecstatic mommy' all over your face.