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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rabbit pellets

Isn't that the cutest thing. I know my camera has issues, but Claire crawled over to the bathroom where Jon was shaving and she looked on waiting for her Daddy.

I haven't been taking a lot of pictures the last few days, b/c we haven't really done anything. We are so over being here. Not really the country, but in a Hotel. It's not all that bad, barring the fact that we have to eat out for every meal. Never thought I would get tired of that. Someone asked where we've been eating. Well I am ashamed to say that we pretty much stick to the American chains. We have tried some local food and local snacks. But I'll tell ya' the smell at some places just turns your stomach and I won't venture to those places. We did find by shear accident some place around the corner that had good food. We had some authentic meals with Nick and his family, but when we're on our own we stick to....gasp.....KFC, Mcd's(funny story about that I'll tell later), Hooters, Outback, subway....I know it's sad, but true. If it makes you feel better there is an awesome Mongolian BBQ place that's awesome though.
Okay about the rabbit pellets...we are having serious constipation issues. Claire, not us b/c some chili oil at the Mongolian BBQ will take care of any bowel issues you might have had....okay on to Claire. She is pooping rabbit pellets, my child is pushing and pushing and you open her diaper to find rocks hard enough to stone a murderer. We have had to stop all rice cereal and I mushed some broccoli this morning and Jon went on a city wide excursion for some prunes. Okay maybe not city wide, but blocks and blocks wide. Baby food selections are minimal and expensive. We did find some prune baby food which by the way she loved. We are hoping that we get it under control before the plane ride. We know however that it will all come to a grand conclusion high high in the sky with a plane full passengers that will so not love us.
(am I really blogging about my childs bowel movements?)
Anyhow, I called Penny today and she said that all our paperwork is good for our AIT appointment in the morning. Our social worker is meeting us there!! Get a couple of days we're coming home!!
Oh yeah and if anyone has any advice about the rabbit pellets please leave a comment. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

Will she take apple juice (watered down)? Stay away from bananas. Maybe prune juice will be easier to find than prunes. Just water it down a bit. Any veggie that is cooked and can be mushed real well might help. You're right, she'll open up once you're in the air...that's the way it works.


island girl said...

LOL...welcome to parenthood...where talking about bowel movements will sometimes feel like the only thing you talk about..bwahahahah!!

Ok, so I agree..prune juice or watered down apple juice...and try not to freak out or stress to much around her...she'll "feel" that, and it may make it harder for her to go....

i can't way for you guys to get home!!!

Anonymous said...

You might want to try doing bicycle movements with her legs too. It helps relax some muscles and all kids like the bicycle. ;)


Farrah said...

Apple Juice will do the trick...It doesn't have to be baby apple juice either, Just add half water/half juice.
Also stay away from the rice cereal,bananas, and it could be her formula if her formula contains Iron.

I'm so happy that you get to come home in a few days!!!WOOOOHOOOOO

Tish said...

on the way home, i put a pair of those little plastic pants (the kind you put over cloth diapers) over M's disposable diaper just in case he had a blow-out at 30,000 feet. make sure you pack a chnage of clothes for you in your carryon just in case!!!! we also stuck with american food...who wants to be dealing with their own stomach issues when you are a brand new parents dealing with baby's stomach issues? hope you get to come home soon!

Annie said...

No advice from me, but you'll be home soon! Yeah!

dalli said...

ann- we had the same issue w/ chloe. unfortunately we DIDN't get it under control UNTIL the plane ride! we went to a local pharmacy there and they had this natural stuff for babies that was essentially concentrated prune juice & sugar. all though, i have to say, prune juice WILL remedy the problem...but it won't be pretty. if she continues to have the problem once home, i started putting a TBS of karo syrup in chloe's bottle...worked beautifully without the prune juice blow outs!

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

Okay I can't tell you here, okay maybe a I can. Q-tip and some ky/vaseline... not pretty but last resort. Also if you can do mixed grain cereal instead of rice, a bit better as well as mix the prunes or applejuice into the cereal. Anything with "p" and you're good. Pineapple juice, plums, prunes, pear juice oh and watermelon (lots of watermelon). I doubt that you'll find Miralax over there (baby laxative). You can do mashed black beans... yum fiber! Mushed up shredded wheat (anything that you could possible manage in the store that has whole wheat to soften with juice, not milk). Oj, oatmeal and squash.

AVoid soy, tofu, milk, cheese, yogurt (although if it converts to runs, bring back yogurt... awh delicate balance), apples, bananas

Okay I'll stop now, but at least you have something to start with. Also feed this and then allow a nice warm bath to splash in, relaxes the bowels and baby (more relaxation, less fear to push). Once you get past the initial pellets, the rest (sadly and fastly) come flying out.

P.S. CUTEST PICS EVER!!! Congrats on the appointment.

Erin Ly said...


Kira was constipated too, at first. It's a common stress (tension) reaction for kids going through major life changes. Be happy it's not the opposite, lol, 'cause that happens too to some kids under stress. We had to actually get medicine in Taiwan when Kira hadn't had a bm in 5 days . . . she wouldn't drink juice, etc. or anything else that might have helped.

Glad your AIT appt. is a go :)). YOu will be getting settled at home very soon. Hope everything goes smoothly at AIT. I'm sure it will.

Still can't get over how ridiculously adorable your baby girl is!

Anonymous said...

she is so cute and happy, love her smile.
Any kind of fruit mashed up should help. hope you are home soon, I know that your moms will help feed you guys some real food, and give you a have had some time I bet in that motel with a little one 24/7 in a strange country. I would be scared to eat that food too, hard to know how clean they are or what they are cooking?

Sarah said...

my votes are vor baby glycerine suppositories and watered down applejuice, next miralax. :)

David and Janalee said...

I agree with the apple juice and with one of my boys a nice warm bath when I knew he was trying sometimes did the trick--the q-tip thing really does work, just pray you don't let the flood gates open!
I think it is so great that a few months ago you were having a hard time with the wait and now here you are talking about baby poop! She is so stinkin cute even if she is having a hard time making a stink!
Hug and good luck with AIT!
Yay you can almost come home!

Sarah k said...

Jer is STILL CONSTIPATED! 2 years later! I hope those things work for you hon.. honestly I do. Try them.. they can't hurt. As for YOUR food,
check out the deserts in the department store, there is a bakery that is pretty good under the main MRT building downtown, and there is a wonderful to die for Dumpling place going towards the Taipei 101. Just ask your hotel desk for the "most famous steamed dumpling place in Taiwan" and have them write a little taxi card out and then you're off! If you go to the Tain Mu district there is a chili's and a Friday's from what I have heard! OH and there is a good place under the Ceasar Park hotel.. go to the MRT stair well to the right, that takes you under the city.. I think the restaurant we ate at was right there across from the bakery I just told you about! You'll love it. Order the chicken whatever it is! Have fun!! Be more adventurous. We were to afraid to our first time there and now I fully regret it.. I hope to bring a new and improved adventurous Sarah k. along this time to get JO.

Sarah k said...

good advice about packing extra clothes for Claire.. two sets actually, because the sleeper was chafing Jer's chest and he blew out in another outfit.. fun huh? And pack a pair of pants for you and Jon in the carry on too! JUST IN CASE the blow out happens on YOU! TRUST ME!

Mike & Lilly said...

When we picked up Brody in March, he had the same issue. Besides several trips to the 7/11 and small pharmacy, we happened to be heading back to Cathwel and the head nurse in the nursery gave us a couple of tiny enemas to use. May be worth a shot since you are meeting with your social worker for AIT. Of this well before you go on the plane..haha