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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

34 well earned years!!!

I was wrong...
I thought it was going to be a bad birthday.
I thought that yet again, being without a child, would define me.

But I was wrong.
It was not being childless that defined me, but the journey that got me here.
So now it is simple.

I was wrong.
I was never without
I just had to get there

I was always a mother
journeying to her child.
Waiting for her to find me

So I was wrong.
It was a good birthday
Because she found me.


3D said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Keep smilin!

PIPO said...


...and a Happy Birthday to you, mama :0)

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday! From one fellow Aries to another waiting for her baby girl...


David and Janalee said...

Happy Birthday Ann!
So happy you and your sweet girl found each other.

shelley said...

Happy Birthday Mommy.

Annie said...

:) Happy birthday Ann!

Sarah k said...

I love it! Happy Birthday Mama!!!!! Next year you type this while chasing a beauty queen and sweety of your life!!!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Such a beautiful post.

Oh and Happy Birthday.

R... said...

Happy Birthday, Mommy! Loved it.


Just Us said...

Happy Birthday Mamma...what a great birthday!!! Kristie

Tish said...

Happy Birthday, youngster!