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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yesterday we had our very first play date with Susan and her beautiful daughter Ruby. They are expats living in Taiwan and little Miss Ruby was born in here. We met on the Internet and it was fun to be able to hang out with them at this neat club house. I didn't post pictures of her Ruby b/c I wasn't sure how Mommy would feel. So for now just Miss Claire Bear.I can't wait to get her home, so she has more to play with. I feel like she gets so bored and quite frankly it gets hard keeping an infant entertained with limited stuff. She does however really like empty drink bottles. Thank heavens for those.
She really really loved the swing. My camera doesn't take good "action" shots so the pics w/her swinging and smiling and laughing didn't come out that well.
She loved playing there. She continues to really fight sleeping. She wakes up laughing, but goes to bed screaming. Jon is much better at getting her to sleep then I am. I'm really trying to get her to nap and right now Jon is out with the laundry and I actually got her down. I turned off all the lights, turned everything off and am praying that she will sleep more then 15 minutes, which is her usual.
Our little angel isn't the most coordinated yet. She's bonked her head a few times. I swear you take your eye off her for 1 now we put the pillow behind her. Yeah I know we're dorks.
Some people have asked or commented on how little she looks. When we were getting updates, we thought that she looked huge, in pictures, and on paper. She really isn't huge. She's more of a peanut then we thought she would be. The last time we charted her she was in the 50th percentile. So a nice size, but not BIG like we thought she would be. Perfect, though!!


dalli said...

i LOVE seeing the life in claire's eyes! just an fyi...emmi was my sleep fighter. she would never ever nap longer than 30 minutes until she was over a year old. and the nights were terrible. was claire still getting a midnight bottle @ cathwel?

Ryan and Heather said...

OMG she is just so beautiful! I love seeing pictures of you guys finally together. What a perfect match! It's so worth the wait isn't it? I know it wasn't an easy ride, but oh so worth it.

Susan said...

Anne - got your comment on our blog - maybe we could get together on Saturday (Aug 2) or Tuesday Aug 5 in the afternoon (we have our AIT appt in the morning) and we fly out Wed evening. Your playdate sounded fun and exciting to have your first playdate in Taipei! How was the typhoon - US news coverage makes it sound pretty bad. Susan H.

redmaryjanes said...

She is absolutely beautiful! What size does she wear then?

Anonymous said...

How old is Claire? I am sure she is so excited to have a real mommy and daddy taking care of her 24/7 she is having too much fun to sleep. I love the little outfits you put on her..
I know when you get her home she will be much easier once she gets use to her bed, and room to care for.
When do you think you can leave and bring her home?
Thanks for sharing your journey with us, I love reading your blog and about your adventures with your new baby.


Tish said...

oh, man...i hear you on the sleep thing. i hope it gets better once you get home!!!!!!!!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

She is such a doll! :) I am so happy for y'all! :) I will be praying about the sleep thing! Prayerfully it will get better once y'all are home! :)

Noah's Mommy

PIPO said...

OH WOW! I am just now catching up and I have to say you three make one beautiful family. I am so happy that you are realizing your long last!

Sarah k said...

How sweet are these pictures??? I hope you guys get the go ahead to return home soon! It looks like you are doing great though!!