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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Typhoon #2

We are getting ready for typhoon #2..Can't you tell. We flew in on the tail of one storm and anticipate typhoon #2 around midnight. The middle of Taiwan got it last week and they think they will get it again tonight.
Meanwhile we are practicing our crawling and having a bawl.
We are going a little stir crazy and really want to be home soon. We miss our puppies terribly and can't wait to be in our own home
We went and bought snacks for the storm...can you tell which are Jon's and which are mine.
I actually am trying some local least those that seem safe. Seriously I'm not sure what kind of bean these are, but they are rather tasty. Keep us in your prayers that all goes well tonight. I'll update tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Well, you are getting to experience it all aren't you! Stay safe and keep dry! The pictures of the storm are impressive. It should pass soon. Miss you guys!

Love always,
Jennifer T

island girl said... margaritas? What's a typhoon (or hurricane) without margaritas!!

P.S. the oyster shak missed you guys yesterday...but don't worry...we wouldn't let anyone sit in Jon's chair...and we each had a beer for him!! ;)

Farrah and Jed said...

How awesome that you are going through it all while you are there!

Stay dry....

The baby is cute as ever!!!

Tish said...

looks liek you are having a great time despit typhoons, missing puppies, and sweating!!!! cute pics. and great point about getting rid of coloring in baby food!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Wow. The typhoon thing has me very nervous of what is to come for us! Praying for yall! Snacks look yummy! What a crawler! :) How fun ;)

Noah's Mommy

Vonda and John said...

Ann - you all are a beautiful family! I so enjoy reading about your bonding time as well as seeing the pictures. Claire is so beautiful!


Sarah k said...

Wow I am gone for a few days and your blog explodes! lol... I am glad to see you are doing well and I hope the storm wasn't too scary! I am from Florida originally so those are second hand to me but still unnerving to say the least.