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Saturday, July 05, 2008


I am truly humbled by the graciousness of everyone. Seriously humbled. Everyone has tried so hard to make sure that Claire has every thing that she needs the minute she is placed in our arms. It is becoming difficult to mention everything that she has rec'd and I hate to just list peoples names because then it seems so impersonal. To everyone that has helped us: We are truly thankful. We really would not have been able to do this, without all of you. From the bottom of our hearts and from the heart of a little girl that doesn't even yet know how wonderful all of her family and friends are: Thank you!!


Chris said...

Your sweet baby girl will have all she needs the moment she is placed in your arms-the rest is all surplus!!
So happy to see you approaching take-off with things you need-it puts a momma's heart at rest-
Can't wait to see those gotcha photos!!

Tao's Mommy said...

CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS on your beautiful baby girl!! I havent been by any blogs forever and I'm so thankful I stopped in today. Claire is so precious and I love her smile. I cannot wait to see her in your arms.

Safe travels and everything will be perfect!!!