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Saturday, July 19, 2008

That is NOT a philly cheese steak!!

This is then entrance to snake alley. My camera started acting up, so we didn't get a lot of shots. But there were snakes gutted and hanging for purchase and small little restaurants I guess where you could have a meal of snake.
I tried to get a shot of some of the creatures you could eat. I thought I would venture to eat some local foods, but it just didn't seem sanitary here.
The night market seemed like a flea market really. Nothing too special to us. Beware of old cabs. Our cab driver back to the hotel drove insanely. He didn't believe in driving lanes, or rules, or driving in a straight line. Jon doesn't get unnerved easily. This guy made us nervous....we ventured to the local pub to relax
Where we had some local beer and what appeared at first site to be philly cheese steaks and burgers. The meat here has a distinct taste, that is NOT American.
We really miss our puppies!!


fast loan said...

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Farrah and Jed said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying your time, In just one and 1/2 days you will have Claire bear in your arms.. It is sureal isn't it?

I'm so happy for you two, and you are very pretty BTW

Tish said...

funny about the meat! do you guys have a guide or are you on your own?

redmaryjanes said...

Look at how beautiful you are! I am so excited for you guys! Bring on the baby!!

Sarah said...

How was the beer?

Sarah k said...

Woo hoo! The burgers love are probably Australian beef.... Yick!!!
You look gorgeous though! I can't believe you are going to be there so long but MAN are you going to see some sights!!!!! Enjoying reading!

Sarah k said...

Oh and the meat won't always be Australian that is the BUT most the taxi drivers there drive like that.. sorry hon.. I thought we were going to die multiple times!!!!

Anonymous said...

So, it should be Sunday evening now.........Tomorrow you go get Claire!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you two. Try to get some sleep (yeah right) :) We will be anxiously awaiting your next post


Anonymous said...

Travel well you two. You look happy.

Anonymous said...

You are such a pretty young woman..
Claire will be so proud to have you as a mom.
Your hubby is cute
Have fun while there. I would be careful of the food too..