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Saturday, July 26, 2008

We are Fam-i-ly!!

Jon has officially taught Claire how to spit. I don't think that was the intention, he was making noises with his mouth, but Claire interpreted it as spitting. It's cute as long as it's not during dinner, or in your face, or when other people are making cute faces in her face, or when she has food in her mouth. Okay, maybe not so cute. This by the way is one of my fav. pictures of she and Jon.
This is the first time she was put in grass. By the look on her face you can tell she wasn't so sure about the whole thing.

She did much better "looking" at the grass.
Mommy and her little girl. By the way..I think I am the only woman in Taiwan who sweats. I swear I look to see if the other women are sweating, they don't look like they sweat at all, not me though....I am down right pouring sweat any time we are out. It is hot here, just like home, but we're out in it everyday and we walk to most anything...not like home. I am so tired of being sweaty. Anyways, In this picture, we took a break in the shade so that we could all cool down after walking around.
Can't get enough of her.
I know this is not a flattering picture of me, but I love it. Just shows the stupid things you do with your kid.
Just like this picture of Jon.,.
Please tell me why any baby food has color? Can't we get rid of the coloring?
Anyhow, we think Claire is missing the other children, b/c she is really drawn to pictures of babies. Good thing she has lots of cousins back home to play with.
Why is it we can't find Chinese food here? Seriously, some beef and broccoli, or moogoo gai pan? Nope the stuff we're seeing isn't what we're looking for. Jon is on a mission as I write this.
We continue to learn about eachother and it's an amazing process. Claire makes great eye contact and we couldn't have asked for a better transition. We're getting the sleeping routine figured out, now if we could just figure out that spitting thing....


Farrah and Jed said...

She is just too darn precious!!!

And I couldn't imagine going out in the heat, Here in Florida it is HOT and HUMID and so I stay indoors unless I'm walking to get in the pool...

Do you guys have a pool at your hotel? You should see if she likes the water, Perfect age to try it!

I'm so glad you two are having fun with your Angel baby, It's a blessing to have a daughter isn't it?

island girl said...

awww...i just love seeing all these pictures of you guys and meant to be!!

Erin Ly said...

Ann, seriously, your daughter could not be more precious! You guys are doing so great and you look so wonderful together. You have some awesome pictures!

If you didn't write down everything from your birthfamily meeting, I suggest doing that. A few days after ours I wrote Kira a letter about it describing everything in detail before I forgot the details so that Kira will have that as an adult.

The sleeping routine takes time, and, unfortunately, you will have to do it again when you come home, but it really will happen and gets so much better. Things are always so much easier once sleep patterns are established.

Keep up the great work. It is really so wonderful to see you all together and doing so great. I am so, so, so happy for all of you.

redmaryjanes said...

You guys all look fantastic! Enjoy it all!

Anonymous said...

I love the clothes she wears..she is so cute..and you both look like wonderful parents already. I know she must be confused wondering about the life she is leaving behind? How many babies was she with there? Do you have any pics of the place she use to live?
I hope you get to swim or get out the heat, it is unbearable here, I can onlyh imagine how hot it is there.

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

I love that look on her face when she is put in the grass! :) So glad y'all are having such a great time as a family! :)

Noah's Mommy

Sarah k said...

Too cute! She looks good in black and orange.. but then again I think that any bright color would look good!!!